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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
Yea i am going to wait it out as well, there are other good games coming out this year that will keep me busy. It is a shame because i was looking forward to BF3, but i wont take part of Origin.
This is precisely how I feel.

Only I've already got Origin on my machine. Had to in order to take advantage of that great sale they had on Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 a few days ago. So far I don't mind it.

That said, BF3 is no longer as high up on my purchase list as it used to be. I'm more interested in Skyrim, Prey2, and a few other titles.

EDIT: Infact, I'm starting to consider this a very good thing. As it stands Valve doesn't really have any competition regarding Steam. Only EA with their backing could produce a client that could honestly compete with Steam. And from the perspective of us- the consumer- this is a *great* thing. It'll help keep Valve in check, on their toes, etc. I highly doubt Origin could dethrone Steam, at least not for several years.

I think most of the complaints is because people don't take well to change. Most of ya'll hated steam when it first came out, I was hear to read all your bickering. Now ya'll love it and swear not to use Origin. Give it time, I'm betting Origin will catch on, and it'll be a great service.
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