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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
True, it's borderline moronic Like i said earlier what's the damn difference ? It's just a different download service and don't say steam overlay as roadhog did because that works with nonsteam games aswell.

Some suggest that they won't use origin just for the sole fact that EA's behind it, like they're some evil entity and that's just daft.

Agreed 100 %

Competition is a good thing, here steam's prices needs to be a bit lower on new games since it's still cheaper buying hard copy retail games. Steam is just an option if i feel REALLY lazy.

News flash...Steam doesn't control the pricing, which is why Valve games are always at USD for Australians, while most of the other games are double the price.

Infact on Origin store ME3 is at 100USD for Australians.

There is no option here, it is forced down on us. I was going to use Origin to get BF3 because people were saying Origin is not needed in order to play BF3, but now that it is confirmed there is no point in getting it right away.
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