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Default Re: Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Live

Originally Posted by JediKnight View Post
Quick question. I have the steam Far Cry 2 and been playing a few days. All is do is run around doing missions the gunshop guy sends me to. Theyre all the same, except the signal tower missions here and there to break it up. Is this all you do? It feels like ground hog day everyday. thanks.
The actual missions are quiet varied and you don't stay on the same map as well. You actually get a whole new map to play later in the game. Gunshop and signal tower are just side extra stuff but you can go and look for stuff like diamonds any time you want. The checkpoint re-spawn is easy enough to get around, just a bus to the outer edges of the map, or used the boat. Don't play the game linear and go back the way you came, find another route.
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