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Default nvnet (or new modules) with new kernel

Sparky's Quickie Notes:

Download the new redhat kernel rpm you need ( ie kernel-2.4.20-24.9.athlon.rpm)
Download the kernel.i386.src rpm ( not sure of the exact name -kernel sources you need to compile new drivers)
Download the nvidia.src.tar.gz (or whatever they call them)

Install the rpms above in order
untar the nvidia stuff somewhere like /temp/nforce

now reboot into the NEW kernel - you must compile the module
while logged into the kernel you want to run it in.

do a "uname -r" and it should return "2.4.20-24.9" ( for the latest kernel)

then surf to the /temp/nforce/nvnet folder (or what ever folder you put them in)

just say "make" at command prompt and hit enter.

The drivers should compile and you should now have a file called "nvnet.o"
in that directory. If you get errors, make sure the kernel sources got put into
/usr/src/ ( you should have a /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-24.9 folder)

copy the nvnet.o file to your new /lib/modules/2.4.20-24.9/kernel/drivers/net directory
then make sure you have an entry in your /etc/modules.conf that reads like so:
alias eth0 nvnet
then ...

VERY IMPORTANT add a line to your
/lib/modules/2.4.20-24.9/modules.dep file
like this one if it's not there: (i put it in with the other /net/entries alphabetically)


then do a:

#modprobe nvnet
and see if it likes it ( it will be tainted - no biggie)

Hair-saving note:

If you are able to "insmod somemodule" okay but not
"modprobe somemodule" (modprobe: can't find module), then chances are it needs to be listed in the modules.dep file.
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