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MC Admins:

I've had my Bukkit server running since Thursday night and things have been working well . . . until Friday night. The backup plugin I've been using just stopped working, started getting tons of error messages every time it tried to run. Took that out. Setup a more manually way of copying all MC files over to another workstation and overwriting every hour. This works but does not give the ability to go back to multiple points in time.

So now everything that was done today is now gone. Users are a little pissed because they've spent most of their day building stuff.

What am I doing wrong? I'm going to check and see which version of Bukkit I'm using and see if somehow I got a beta or unstable release, but I think I got the latest stable release.

Also, what plugins are you guys using for backups?

Finally, I know that "spawnjail" is an anti-griefing tool built into the game, but how can you disable it? I've used some spawn plugins that allows me to set my own custom spawn, users just type /spawn and they go there. That plugin works with no problem.

I just hope I can find some stability in this . . .
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