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Default Re: GTX470/GTX465 Terrible 2D Performance NVIDIA driver 275.09.07

*SOLVED* As an update to this issue:

I have to apologize to the community. I've seen countless threads like this on NVIDIA 2D performance and found that everyone either bent over and upgraded their distro or did some other -huge- change to their system that, while fixing the 2D performance issue, was not helpful to pinpoint the problem.

I'm afraid my case is similar. After being on OpenSuSE 11.3 for a long period of time, I got fed up with an unstable KDE installation (quite upgraded from distro stock), bad 2D performance, and clutter. I wasn't willing to fall back to a pair of GTX 260's to resolve the problem either.

I upgraded to the latest release of Arch Linux. On this new installation, my 465 and 470 have better 2D performance than the 260s did (which were quite acceptable) and there are no serious system hiccups (as there shouldn't be on an 8 Core / 16 Thread system). I have renewed hope for this system, which I was almost sure I would have to give up the massive CPU power for acceptable graphics performance.

Here's my best advice to you, who have stumbled onto this thread in hopes of a solution: You have no better excuse to try a new distro. Do a nice full backup, then run out and get something fresh. Read the documentation and give it a try. My Arch install was not without issue (the bootloader config was pointing to the wrong files - vmlinuz26 instead of vmlinux-linux, network did not setup correctly, etc), but using the doc I was able to overcome the issues and end up with a really nice, once-again solid desktop. I'm pleased with Arch, but I'm sure I'd have been just as pleased with Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc....

If you're not satisfied with your current solution, try another one. Thats the beauty of the Linux desktop.
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