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Default Re: Upgrade: Need some help from the savvy

i picked up a patriot pyro 120gb yesterday. Sata 3, quoted speed is 550mb/s R 515mb/s W.

did a clean install of win 7 last night, now it's like greased lightning! i did have a velociraptor before and the improvement is huge. I've got windows and games on the SSD and i've demoted the raptor to other programs (office, firefox, adobe, etc). Haven't re-installed any games yet, i'll do that tonight.

so far so good with the Asrock. The bios is a nice GUI and very easy to navigate. It's got a lot of built in OC profiles, or you can do it all manually. I used a little asrock windows OC util that came on the CD to change the multiplier to 40x and it's running at 4ghz without skipping a beat. Didn't need to touch anything else. Has all the Z68 features, but i cant really comment on them yet.

Only thing is after the motherboard upgrade, i'm having network issues. The NIC works ok and all the computers talk to each other, but my media PC just wont play videos. Trying to open a video over the network freezes it totally. I'm using XBMC but i cant open them via the UNC share either. Since this happened after the upgrade, i have to assume its to do with the new NIC / MB. It's a real head scratcher. Might be a driver issue or a setting with the onboard NIC? i dont know. Got a bit more playing around to do there. Dont think it's a dud motherboard, cause the computer has network connectivity and doesn't experience any problems. It's just the other PC's on the wireless network suddenly struggle to open files off of it.

-fixed. was an issue with the homegroup permissions becoming broken for some reason.
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