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Default Re: snb-e pushed back to January 2012

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
That's a lot of juice.

To be honest, the chips do have an extra memory channel over the gulftowns(4 versus 3), and the AVX instruction set on all cores with sandy bridge E, while the gulftowns don't have it at all, and running AVX code uses more power and makes the chip run warmer, as it's already observed with the existing sandy bridge on socket 1155, but the E version brings 2 more cores to the party and still uses the 32 nm process as well as more cache onboard, so all these little things might add up in power use terms..

Ultimately though, if Sandy Bridge E is released in Q1 2012, might as well wait for the 22nm ivy bidge version wich is still stated as a Q2 2012 release, wich should use less power and perform better still clock for clock.....It should still use the X79 chipset boards as a basis for either one.
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