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Default Re: WHQL 280.26 Released

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Something really weird happened with these, when i first tried them i had some stability issues : they stopped responding and crysis wouldn't run in dx11. So i installed the ones you're using now but i must have messed it up somehow because videos showed green pixels/lines around objects. Tried reinstalling both the earlier set and the 280's both nothing helped , green pixels came back in videofiles/movies .

Today i did a system recovery to where the 280.26's is now installed and not only is the green pixels gone in movies, they're also solid as a rock sofar in games. Not one single error/glitch wich is ofc good but i have no idea why it works now.
And physx and all is working fine for you? Color me confused too - Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I did install these twice trying to fix it. Now I'm tempted to try it again. I can always roll back if I need too...or i could just be happy with what I have as it works fine.

I'm glad you got yours sorted though - gotta decide if I want to give these another go or not.
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