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Default Re: WHQL 280.26 Released

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
I haven't bothered to rollback yet, but these drivers have issues. Some kind of overheating issue like a while back, where its agressively upclocking and downclocking, skipping the usual in-between points. Heard of some WoW players having overheating issues, unless you manually control your fan speeds like I do, it would be good to watch temps in games. I've noticed just on the desktop surfing the web, I get this odd pattern of it clocking up to full speed, and then back down again, basically half the time its running at full speed just on desktop use, average temps have gone up 10 degrees. Not sure if its some new fan profile or clock settings for certain types of use, but its stupid, if you don't hand-manage your own fan it can get you to overheating when you wouldn't expect it.
Wow (no pun intended) that's the first I heard of that, with this set anyway. My Accelero's fans run at 100% regardless of what I'm doing, glad of that now. I'd dump em quick after seeing that.
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