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Now, it may not be the best game around, but I've had a great time with DE:IW. The story line is intriguing, doing missions is fun even if they are kinda basic fed ex quests. What I'm having fun with are the different ways to accomplish things and playing with the physics. I love throwing the boxes and bodies around. I think it's a cool game, esp. with the patch. Reading all the negative posts and about the problems probably helped me with this, too. I came to expect to hate the game, read about the patch, thought, "It really can't be that bad, can it?" and bought the stupid thing. Two days later, I still can't get enough of it. Mind you, I thought the demo was horrible, but the patch really helped with a lot of the performance issues I personally had. But, again, my opinion. I know it doesn't really mean a whole lot.
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