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Default Re: 285.03 (beta) released!?

Originally Posted by gonzo_s View Post
No, I can't install it

The same error:

I'm loosing my nerve already. I copy/pasted the portion, Dizzle7677, since I've found another thing with "<" symbol which I missed previously. But all in vain... I've even tried running the latest beta binary (with and without changing the nv-linux.h file). I just don't know why this happen to me

Could there be any GCC issues or something? 'Cause I'm running Debian Squeeze (Stable) without any messing with testing or unstable repos, just a clean Debian Stable. Everything is fine on all other Kernel versions...

P.S. Btw, should I place the extracted NVIDIA folder somewhere specifically or just run the installer within my home folder?

Que strange! Running the extracted run file from a different location isn't going to do anything. If it was a gcc problem then I'd hope the log would say that. Stable driver still the same thing?
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