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Default Re: Google to buy Motorola mobility

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
It definitely makes a lot of sense. Seems like Google's cards are starting to show. Moto phones, Set top Boxes, android, google tv and sage tv.

So cram that together and we could see android powered STBs that have better interfaces which will tie into your phone for better integration. That's the one thing that is kind of exciting about this is hopefully it means that android will work better other devices. It will give you the "apple experience" but still be customizable.
Google TV has been a bust so far. And I mean one major bust. Logitech reported a loss this fiscal year of about 32 million. The Logitech Revue has cost logitech 31 million dollars to sell.

In other words, if they weren't tangled up in Google TV right now, they would have reported a tiny profit.
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