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Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
The problem is that the camera requests that the 4 (?) pixel are cropped on top (not on bottom, as usual). Consider attaching a very short sample to a bug-report on or (am I correct that the problem you see is not specific to VDPAU, but also happens with the software decoder?) or uploading to

Carl Eugen
Hi Carl, Thanks for your response. I captured some raw H.264 bitstream in a file and uploaded at Its interesting that when this video stream is wrapped within RTMP packets and submitted to flash, flash player plays it fine - with no extra 4 bytes at the top and no signs of hiccups. haven't tried software decode but it will probably act the same - perhaps it happens during h264 NALU parsing. The parser seems to cause latency issues when this happens (stuck for couple of seconds).
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