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I pre ordered, paying full AU retail price and I don't mind. From what I have seen and played so far it should be good. Sucks that the Steam Aug Edition is cut back compared to boxed. Hopefully the extra are released/unlocked/modded in later otherwise an entire mission featuring Tong will be missing ::

Has some nice DX11 effects, nothing ground breaking, the odd low res texture here and there, but still it's looking pretty polished. PC is easily the best version, so good the devs put the focus DX's home platform. You can still tell it was developed cross platform though. Dialogue system stands out for me. Seems while the conversations are the same, the way you can persuade people is slightly different each play through making the conversation augmentations worthwhile so you can monitor reactions and vital signs.

Releases this weekend here, just in time to spend a whole weekend with it, no interruptions. Wish I had time to read the books though.
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