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Default Resume problems with a new Nvidia card


I have an asus a8n-vm csm motherboard that is having a resume problem.

The distribution tested is minimyth 78b3 using nvidia-280.13 using NFS boot.

Previously, this computer had a GT 220 video card connected via DVI and spdif and would suspend and resume without issue.

I bought a new receiver and a GT 430 card so I could use the high def audio codecs. The computer goes to sleep without issue. However, it will not resume successfully.

I am posting to the nvidia forum, because the only (evident) different is the video card.

When I press the button on the remote, the box will power on, but nothing ever comes on the display. It is also no longer pingable or available over the network.

I am at a loss how to start debugging this. Any suggestions?
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