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Default Re: HP Touchpad with Web OS

I installed the patch to muffle logs as mentioned here
I had already enabled developer mode Sunday and installed preware.
I can't get to the phone dialer like it shows in that article because I don't have a HP phone with Web OS to pair with via bluetooth so I can't do that one trick but I did go into preware and install the muffle log patch and maybe it's my imagination but it did seem to speed up things. It is already pretty quick out of the box and applying the latest update but sometimes after clicking an app it hesitates to open. This seems to have sped it up some.
Didn't try anything else as I'm still kind of chicken to mess with patching it through 3rd parties but it does let you uninstall the patches so maybe if you do that it will put it back to the way it orginally was and not be so risky.

I saw on another article that there is a patch to speed up the animations and it is there in preware. Also a patch to take off the bandwidth throttle but remember some of these apps and patches are for the phones too. I don't think there is a bandwidth throttle on the Touchpad. It says the throttle is 64kbps downloads and when I was downloading something off of preware it shows your download speed and mine was 700kbps.

Whenever you touch the screen it makes like a little ripple animation, I saw a couple of patches to get rid of the ripple and another for the screen sensitivity. Didn't install either of those either.

Rakeesh first posted about this here

Rakeesh, did you install all those patches? What is your experience after installing them? The muffled logs seems to have made a pretty good difference.
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