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Default Re: HP Touchpad with Web OS

How to overclock your HP Touchpad

Touchpad is working fine after WebOS Update to 3.0.2 and overclock to 1.5GHz with Uberkernel.

how to overclock your TouchPad.

1. Install Preware on the TouchPad. Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
2. Install WebOS Quick Install, WebOS Quick Install v4.2.3 - PreCentral Forums
3. install Govnah, can be found in Preware, just search in Preware after installation.
4. Download one Kernel from webOS Internals Testing Feeds Index of /feeds/webos-kernels/testing/3.0.2/
(I took uber-kernel. There are psycho-f15c, uber and warthoc-kernel)
5. install kernel with using WebOS Quick Install
6. reboot the TouchPad
7. After Kernel is installed, open Govnah and select the 1.5GHz option.
Also here:;siu-container
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