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Angry Nvidia driver & mdk 9.2

Advanced a little bit: just removing the /dev/nvidiactl directory let startx run quitly.
Now the question: why this directory stays there at shutdown or is not cleaned at bootup ?
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I'm trying to move to mdk9.2. I did a fresh install and can't get the nvidia driver working nice. (worked nice with 9.1)
At bootup I have to:
-log as user
-delete the directory /dev/nvidiactl
-install the driver
-exit su
Then all is working until next boot.
The card is a FX 5200 and the diver is at the latest level:

If I don't delete the /dev/nvidiactl, then the install driver goes fine but startx breacks with a problem accessing the /dev/nvidiactl.
I suspect some rights problem for the directory or with devfs.
How could I solve this problem ?

This is solid and repetitive at each bootup.
Many thanks for help.

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