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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
from what I remember from the first one it was the same way... either keep quiet or save your game often and try to rambo your way through the area.
No, in the first Deus Ex, going in guns blazing was an option, as long as you were properly equipped. Its not even an option here. No joke, first actual gun fight, on the default difficultly, I peak around a corner, looking at two guys, headshot one guy, second guy sprays a 4 shot burst and I'm dead. We are talking I have 90% cover and have peaked out for maybe one second. Maybe later in the game when you have full augs, but even then it looks iffy to me.

Another irritating thing, the way it loads, if you load a save, it takes over a minute. I have the steam version, so its all on my SSD, 250MB/s, and it takes a minute to load. By my calculation, a minute at 250MB/s is 15 gigabytes, and the game isn't even that big... so wtf. Seems like its using the console RAM limits or something when loading. In game streamed loads are instantaneous though, so thats nice. I can imagine those on the console loading off the DVD/BR drive would be super irritating.
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