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Been playing for awhile today and I'm not all that impressed. Two things stand out to me. One is bad mouse lag, always feeling the movement is trailing the mouse. Granted this is a slow paced game as opposed to say a Fear 3 but it's still quite noticeable for me. I didn't really notice any difference in this with vsync off or on or changing any settings. Feels like way too much built in mouse smoothing. Second, exceedingly long load times. Longer load times than any of my 50 games I have on my computer. Even when you go back to the same save, it still takes way too long to load. Seems this game is not very optimized. You don't want to die too much in this game cause the load times will kill ya. I have a long way to go in the game so right now I'm just doing a "so far".
Im having the opposite problem, the mouse is great when firing off the hip but off iron sights its uber sensetive.

Load times are bad in this game... it takes longer then it should after a death.

I personally am loving the game, I feel like its a strong mix of the original and the second one. They removed alot of the bad from both games and made a solid game from the good. Is it perfect? No, but its one of the best FPS games I have played in awhile.
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