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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Im having the opposite problem, the mouse is great when firing off the hip but off iron sights its uber sensetive.
Oh yeah, I have to turn the DPI down, other wise I am all over the place. Like ur mom. lol

Load times are bad in this game... it takes longer then it should after a death.
Isn't that annoying? I have it on my SSD and it is still slow. I got and make a five course meal while waiting for the next level.

[/quote]I personally am loving the game, I feel like its a strong mix of the original and the second one. They removed alot of the bad from both games and made a solid game from the good. Is it perfect? No, but its one of the best FPS games I have played in awhile.[/quote]
OH yeah. I am hooked. Total blast for me thus far. The only thing I really hate is picking up every box I see in the hopes to get a few credits. I have to break my self of that annoying habit. It is slowing my game progress down.
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