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Default Re: HP Touchpad with Web OS

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
This touchstone thing is nice, it automatically puts the touchpad in clock mode. I think I am going to replace my alarm clock with this. Then it'll be next to my bed for when I want to surf the web real quick, and when I put it down it's just a clock and it charges.

My dad likes it too, hopefully best buy has more and I'll pick up another one tomorrow.
Not only is it a clock, it can do other things while it is in exhibition mode. Check the settings tab for exhibition mode.
I downloaded accuweather app for it and it is a nice app. It includes an exhibition mode but when it is in that mode the app won't update the weather. Also if it is selected in the exhibition mode setting sometimes the app by itself (outside of exhibition mode) won't start. Seems to be a bug with that app.
I hope that made sense
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