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Default Re: 285.03 (beta) released!?

Originally Posted by gonzo_s View Post
Please could you post the exact command ? Thank you.

P.S: Sorry, didn't get the idea at first.
After compiling any kernel by hand in Debian I have only /~build directory in /lib/modules and no /~source dir... Do I have to create this link also?
I'm a little bit lazy and use one script I have in /usr/local/sbin in order to compile vanilla kernels:

make && make install && make modules_install && depmod -aq && update-initramfs -k `uname -r` -d && update-initramfs -k `uname -r` -c && update-grub

You can add: make firmware && make firmware_install if you want.

I just have a symbolic link in /usr/src/linux pointing towards the kernel real location.

OOps the update-initramfs -k `uname -r` -d && update-initramfs -k `uname -r` -c will only work y f you are recompiling the kernel already running.
Substitute `uname -r` with your kernel version.
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