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Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
Unlocked early with VPN.

Great game, but the stuttering you get when out in the streets is annoying.

Checked the ram usage, its waaay down. Less than 1GB at times. Asset streaming is causing the stutter.

This game needs a patch.

Check this thread
Odd, the game is at 60fps or there about for me with settings on high.

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
If you're like me, cause it looks too much like Alpha Protocol?

Not to mention EYE has really spoiled me on what a quality PC game should be like.
This is a weird way of thinking. Most games are just copies of older games. I have yet to see anything really new in gaming. It just comes down to how well they do what has already been done. In fact this is a copy of the first Deus Ex.
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