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Default Re: HP Touchpad with Web OS

Originally Posted by Q View Post
My boss got one for $50 somehow. I got to play with it for about 10 minutes today.
Yeah staples sold them for that much. I had the opportunity to buy from there but I already went to wal-mart, so I didn't go to staples just before they opened.

Originally Posted by Q View Post

The thing is DOG slow. Orientation sensing is bad and it just feels sluggish. He said he had to "find a way to turn off logging" because apparently it was FAR worse when he first got it. It's heavy, not intuitive to use, and is simply not an iPad. Hell, it's not an Android phone.

I really liked WebOS on the Pre. This certainly wasn't a "superb" version of that experience.

For $100 I suppose it's a semi-decent web browser (even though I hate the end of page "clipping") and it does have Angry Birds. Didn't play but I couldn't imagine it's very smooth.
Seems fine to me. Then again I applied a bunch of tweaks right out of the box.
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