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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Run and gun? Pfft just concussion grenade him and pop him in the head until he recovers then repeat. I just took cover and in less then 5 mins he was dead.
Yeah I know using grenades made the encounter easy, that is how I beat it. It's not the difficulty of the battle but the way the boss battle was done that is my issue with it. If you were playing stealthy the whole way, trying not to be detected and kill people, it was a cop out by the devs to not have a different way to do it. The boss battle was to just trap you in a room with a bunch of ammo laying around, a character with a lot of hit points, and no other way but to go kill the guy to continue. Maybe I was expecting too much from the game.

It's like, as you were playing Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid or Thief, the game throws a cut scene of you approaching a arcade game cabinet being surrounded by enemies and being told finish to level 2 of Pacman to kill all enemies on screen and continue to the next level. Yeah it's not impossible to do but it didn't fit the play style.

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