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Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
There was a part of that China level that was crashing for me too, the Pod apartment complex, I fixed it by dropping down to directX9 mode until I left, then it ran fine in DX11 again, kinda odd, I think it didnt like tesselation or some other DX11 effect in that place.
That's EXACTLY where I was crashing. There and another place. The dreaded nvlkddkm error.

Glad i'm not alone in that.

No crashes in DX 9 but it stutters badly.

I kept logs of the GPU using GPU-Z. The weird part is, only 187MB is showing as used and even under "load" the hottest it gets is 54C.

Kombustor thrashes the cards upto 80C without error.

Really at a loss now.

It felt like the game was just crashing randomly though at the time.
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