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Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
That's EXACTLY where I was crashing. There and another place. The dreaded nvlkddkm error.

Glad i'm not alone in that.

No crashes in DX 9 but it stutters badly.

I kept logs of the GPU using GPU-Z. The weird part is, only 187MB is showing as used and even under "load" the hottest it gets is 54C.

Kombustor thrashes the cards upto 80C without error.

Really at a loss now.

It felt like the game was just crashing randomly though at the time.
Yeah It was starting to irritate me too, I tried everything before dropping down to DX9, no specific effect seemed to fix it until I dropped to DX9. DX9 was stuttery as hell for me too, at least on initial loads, once everything was loaded it was fine, but as you go through a level I think DX9 mode streams in data off the HDD to keep memory useage down. Why they'd do that I'd never know because as you said it doesnt hardly use any memory. Luckly that was the only place I experienced that problem.
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