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Default Re: WHQL 280.26 Released

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
They're pushing it too far atm it seems, the drivers have been somewhat stable this install compared to when i first tried them but not without faults, the screen still goes black from time to time. Haven't gotten the recovered problem now though (yet)

For me nvidias drivers have been on the crappy side ever since they released the performance updated drivers for Dragon age 2, after that all DX11 content has been shady and i've had to downclock my gfx card from it's default 800mhz to 775mhz to prevent freezing/crashing. Dx11 benchmarks would freeze/crash eventhough the temps never exceded 65c with 60% fanspeed. Before those drivers i ran the card at 835 mhz without one single issue for a long time.

But now crysis 2 have started to freeze again, works perfectly in dx9 though so go figure
I wouldn't trust my card to any of these new releases - but that's just me. I think you're dead on with the "push it too far" statement. This is some pretty powerful hardware from the 480 on, it's foolish to risk stability for the sake of a few frames per second - if that's what the issue really is.

Just tweak existing drivers, squash bugs, enhance IQ and call it a day. buggy release after buggy release doesn't benefit anyone.
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