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Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
Was able to play this for myself finally. Not all that impressed. The visuals just don't encourage solid atmosphere for me. Everything is very antiseptic feeling like Mass Effect was. Way too many gaudy 'press E bla bla' crap constantly; that can ALL be turned off I hope, didn't check. Mouse control is fubar; no gfx setting or mouse setting make it feel tight. Regen health really not liking at all. Cover system is so game mechanic tiring, rather have lean instead. UI still feels very consolish, could of halved the menu page count with better, smaller mouse and text design.

I definitely still much prefer EYE by a large margin over this game for a cyber punk FPS/RPG. HR feels tedious and slowish, while EYE is brain wacking intense.
Are we playing a different game here? Sorry but your post makes it seem like you haven't played the game at all...not saying EYE is a bad game, but this is pure fanboyism at its worst, and it's a shame too because they're both good games. No gfx or mouse settings? Have you tried using the menus or the out-of-game setup utility? "Press E bla bla"? I'm not even sure what you're referring to here. The cover system is completely optional and I'm sure you'd see that if you actually tried playing the game. The UI is very well designed and clearly favors the PC version.

Have you played Deus Ex 1 recently? I played through it about 3 times in the past couple of months and I can say that Human Revolution is a worthy prequel and successor in every way I can think of.
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