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I got a crash that kept recurring during a certain mission in Hengsha, but I just restarted my computer and it was fine. Possibly a memory leak or something like that? Either way I'm glad I was out of town for the first few days, because I've experienced no long load times or anything that would really kill the experience for me. Early release bugs can really screw up that first impression.

I completed the game yesterday and I have to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The game completely pulled me in to its world and the gameplay was so enjoyable that I couldn't stop playing. Literally did an all-day marathon on Saturday. I can't remember the last time I was that caught up in a game (I think it was Dragon Age: Origins). I think complaints about the boss fights are completely legitimate but it didn't really sour the experience enough for me to care. I was playing very stealthily but I could fight it out if needed. Actually I think most players could regardless of their build since augs are more focused on utility than combat. Grabbed as many side missions as I could but I didn't explore every nook and cranny since I was engrossed in the story.

The artwork and world design is immensely impressive and I caught myself several times just looking at the scenery. This is another one of those games where the extremely high quality art assets overshadow the technical limitations of the game engine. The soundtrack is incredibly atmospheric and even catchy at times. The extreme amount of "teaser"-type information scattered all around in computer terminals and ebooks really did make the world feel fully fleshed-out and there were plenty of times I'd catch a subtle reference to the original game.

I've already started a replay and will most likely take my time hacking every computer, checking every air duct, and reading every email and ebook there is. I played on the highest difficulty on my first run, so I'm choosing medium this time and seeing how the on-screen objective locator and "augmented reality" object highlighting is. I really don't find it to be very annoying and it's nice because it's easier to notice objects which could be overlooked.

Overall this is my favorite game so far this year and I'd be surprised if that changes. This is truly a worthy successor to Deus Ex and I hope this studio continues the franchise. I'd love to see a sequel which bridges this story with DX1, and then a complete remake of the original. Not likely to happen, but it'd be awesome.
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