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Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
Just finished it and I liked it a lot. I do have some things that bothered me about the game, but after spending 39 hours playing it, it was worth every cent . Highly recommended.

minor spoilers

The biggest thing that bothered me was the energy bar thing. I really did not like it at all. The recharge aug only works on partially filled batteries and since all your take down moves eat one full battery with the exception of the last one, it was just wasted praxis points to have put anything more than the first level for recharge. Then you need to eat energy bars, to fill up the empty batteries, but you can't buy them anywhere you have to find them as you go, and I was searching everywhere and hacking all the doors I could to find them, and I still think they were way to scarce. The only food you could buy to recharge was from LIMB clinics but they eat up 4 slots in your inventory and do not stack .

Also the boss battles were something I wish they did better. First was the fact that there is no other way to beat them but to kill them. Makes it a bit weird if you have been trying to play your way without killing. Then the boss battles were progressively getting harder, till the very last one, that was just so easy. I figured after she plugged herself into the machine, something really difficult was going to pop out but nothing really did. Just a single small robot, and if you got your electrical/emp shielding aug, the last battle was just not challenging at all.

Yeah thats the biggest complaint I hear from most people, me too.
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