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Default Re: 285.03: X Server 1.11.0 IgnoreABI required to work

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Unfortunately, there was a change to a data structure without a corresponding change to the extension module ABI version that breaks GLX. It's not exactly clear whether this structure counts as part of the extension ABI, so I need to get to the bottom of that before a driver with official xserver 1.11 support can be released. It may be that we need to skip xserver 1.11.0 if my hunch is correct and this is a bug in the X server.
Phoronix says:
Committed (in this Git commit) to the xorg-server tree this afternoon is a bump to the video driver ABI (ABI_VIDEODRV_VERSION) after developers noticed the video drivers built against the ABI of X.Org Server 1.10 are now producing a segmentation fault when running the latest server code. Developers have tracked down the change causing the seg-fault and it's intentional.
Source link: X Server 1.11 Breaks The Video Driver ABI

Because the tracked down change is intentional I do not think so it will be removed in later releases. So update to Nvidia seems to be required and not temporary. Intel video driver rebuild on my netbook against xorg 11 is working with new xorg.
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