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Default Re: For my 8-core SNB-E seeking buddies...

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Definitely agree they need the die shrink. If you have liquid cooling though these could likely run circles around 6 cores given all of that extra cache. I could load Windows 95 directly into cache memory....

I do have water cooling, and my current 6 core chips are rated at 95 watts TDP at 2.66 Ghz(X5650 CPU's) and can get pretty up there when operating at 4 Ghz in terms of power use and heat, but before you start dreaming with 16 cores, you'll have to find a dual socket motherboard that overclocks to begin with....

Nothing has been anounced on that end for socket 2011, and the most expensive 8 core sandy bridge E's(at 3.1 Ghz) will likely be priced at close to 2000$(so 4000$ for both) a pop given that these are xeon chips, not the desktop version.

Even my X5650's cost me 1200$ a piece when i bought them and they're the lowest end 6 core westmere chips on the market, and i wouldn't have bought them if EVGA's SR-2 motherboard and it's overclocking ability didn't exist...
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