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Default Re: New AMD upgrade....very pleased

Originally Posted by scout2of3 View Post
Congrats on the upgrade. I am looking for a less expensive upgrade myself, either the X4 965 BE or an X6 AMD. If anyone can comment on which AMD processor to get it would help me out tremendously. My Core 2 Duo is getting walloped at times with current games and I am not much of an OC'er.
I'm running an E8400 at the moment

If your rig is primarily used for gaming grab the 955BE or 965BE. Good value And very nice performance in games. Anything else that's heavily multi-threaded you can almost price match an i5 rig and would probably have better performance at this point than a hex-a-core AMD chip. You still wouldn't be disappointed by the hex-a-core though.

Good times to be a gamer or enthusiast period, lots of good deals it would be hard to go wrong with.

All depends on your personal requirements.
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