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Well ive got a couple hours on DEHR now. The story is how I would have imagined (I have never touched the last 2.. although I am a huge fan of the ghost in the shell series), but there are some areas of the game that have let me down. The combat engine was surprisingly good, in videos it seemed a bit clunky but I found the cover system adequate and pulling off headshots was nice. The aug system looks cool but like the hacking one was less fluff and more "You need to use points to be able to hack the same terminals later in the game". Most games with computer hack upgrades give you perks too.

One thing that disappointed me right away though was ample use of full motion video in place of using the in game engine. The video quality takes a serious hit when it switches over. Also despite using current graphic tech, the game still uses ample world maps for reflections instead of shadered reflections, and they look horrible.

So far stability has been good.
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