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Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
You used the energy bars? I just leveled up my hacking, punching through walls (when I was lazy) and armor. I guess if you wanted to stealth every where you could but you could play this game straight up and it was fun.
Yeah I used them. At first I was thinking that you needed to upgrade the recharge thing to max before it would start to recharge empty batteries but it didn't work that way. That really sucked. My original plan was I wanted to only use take downs all the way through the game, but since each take down eats up one bar and there is no way to recharge them without the energy bars I just couldn't use that method. I ended up killing only a very small number of people, 2x because I was an idiot and held down the "q" button too long and other times cause I just got lazy and turned the turrets and robots loose on the patrolling guards .

If I get around to playing it through again, I hope there is a mod for that energy bar thing. I'd like to go through it with only a stun gun and tranq rifle, and only pick up one weapon on the way for the boss encounters. Though most likely the next time I'd go through and just wipe everyone out.

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