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Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
If I get around to playing it through again, I hope there is a mod for that energy bar thing. I'd like to go through it with only a stun gun and tranq rifle, and only pick up one weapon on the way for the boss encounters. Though most likely the next time I'd go through and just wipe everyone out.
I did exactly that to get my Pacifist achievement and frankly the game is not only easier, you get a ton more XP that way. Both the stungun and the tranq rifle are insanely powerful. I kept a heavily upgraded machine pistol and frag mines for the bosses which were hilariously easy. There are enough candy bars to keep your energy high enough for the entire game. Just use takedowns when you're at 1 so you aren't "wasting" any. Using takedowns on every enemy would be insanely tedious though.

Just started my 3rd playthrough yesterday, I'm amazed that I'm not sick of this game yet. This time I'm just blasting everything in sight and it's extremely fun. Revolver + shotgun/MP and I'll probably grab a crossbow for long range.
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