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If my memory is correct, Gibby, Serath, and I have owned Gigabyte boards in the past. Of my experiances, they're decent, reliable, and stable for the most part.

My only problem with Gigabyte boards is they seem to revise their designs much more often and which each board revision, there's usually a few new features. For example, a few weeks after I bought a GA-5AX, the 3rd revision came out which sported better AGP compatiblity and ATA66. My GA-5AX was Rev. 2.1 which only gave me ATA33.

I no longer use Gigabyte boards but I keep my eye on them as I haven't been totally disappointed with them. It's just I've learned that it isn't good sense to buy a 1.x or 2.x revision of their boards. It's best to give them 6-8 months to see if they revise the board more than 3 times before you purchase that way you'll get more features and possibly more reliability. If a Gigabyte board isn't up to it's 3rd revision after that 6-8 month period, then it's an indication that they've hit a homerun with it right out of the gate.
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