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Default Re: WHQL 280.26 Released

Dear oh dear.

Well, my Deus Ex HR crashing was sorted. I increased the mV from 0.975 upto 1.0mv using Afterburner and set Force constant voltage.

For some reason the 280.26 drivers seem to be far more sensitive.

Not sure where I stand here, the card clocks are factory set along with everything else. There doesn't seem to be much communication between the manufacturers and nVidia on these changes they make, whatever they might be.

Thought the days of having to soft mod to get games working for overclocking yourself were bad enough let alone doing it to get hardware working out of the box correctly.

I could RMA the cards and i'll end up with two with exactly the same issue.

MSI's solution is to BUY... yes, BUY an app created by one of their employees to mod the bios. Unbelievable.

Although that is a user to user forum endorsed by them linked from their homepage.

The thing is though, why are the drivers suddenly needing more mV to be stable? Just doesn't add up.

I've not had the TDR crash in Windows, browsing or anything and to be fair it's only been in one game so far.
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