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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to get “exceptional post-launch support”

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Multiplayer reveal trailer....

Not to be childish, but how der f**k do IW/Sledgehammer/Activision think that that POS will compete with BF3....I mean seriously, it looks no different than Black ops/MW2 except they have added a few more gayer unlocks and stupid gadgets that ruin the experience...

Call of Duty MWfail will sell thousands for name only, as a game it looks like a group of monkeys have got together and modded black ops and labelled it MW3....This will be the first time that i do not buy a CoD title..... RIP CoD....
i skipped a lot..same ****...different skin. not woth $100 price. maybe $29 as a mod to MW2.

unless people really thing $70 is worth the 2-3 hr single player...

such a outdated engine. if ure brining the same **** gameplay then atleast update the god dam engine...
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