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Default Re: New AMD upgrade....very pleased

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
Now clock that bad boy to at least 3.8ghz 2800nb and 2200 HT....then enjoy....also if you have good air cooling don't be scared of the volts on these....I wouldn't go above 1.5v on air...but anything below that with temps less than 55'C during a prime or an intel burn test(what I use) and you're laughing.

Been running mine for over a year @ 3.9 without a hitch...great chip overall

Edit: Right now the 1090T and DX: Human Revolution cost 160 bucks bundled....should I?
I bet you wouldn't notice much difference at all even after pushing the 1090t to 3.9 to match your current clocks, unless you could use the extra cores. I'd wait for bulldozer.

One area where lots of cores doesn’t really help is gaming, as so few titles make full use of four cores, let alone six. Thus, despite its larger number of cores (six versus four) and higher clock speed (3.2GHz versus 2.8GHz), as the Nehalem architecture at the heart of the i7-930 has such a higher IPC (Instructions per Clock) than the K10 architecture at the core of the X6 1090T BE, the i7-930 is still the best gaming CPU.

For example, in Crysis the X6 1090T BE could only manage a jerky 23fps minimum frame rate, compared to the silky smooth 30fps of the i7-930. Interestingly, the X4 965 BE produced the same minimum frame rate as the X6 1090T BE, but had a slightly higher average frame rate; 46fps, versus 43fps. The i7-930 also took the lead in X3: Terran Conflict, with a minimum frame rate of 43fps, versus 38fps from the X6 1090T BE and 41fps from the X4 964 BE.
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