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Default Re: Nvidia 9600GT: Xorg process and high CPU usage

I was experiencing the exact same problems. CPU staying somewhere between 50 and 70% (of one core) while nothing 'special' was going on. The steps below helped a lot

1. Change the kernel config to make the kernel a default desktop kernel. My custom kernel was set to highly responsive/real time.
2. Some desktop kde widgets about system conditions were eating a lot cpu causing a high xorg cpu usage. Removed some of those.
3. Most important one: close Amarok(!) This otherwise fine mp3 application was causing the high xorg cpu usage. The Amarok process itself wasn't that high, but somehow it caused xorg to be very cpu hungry.

Now I only get an occasional high xorg cpu, but way less than before these actions were taken. Hope this information can help others as well as the Nvidia developers.
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