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Well, I made class C, got my Silverado & Chicagoland track. Practiced all day yesterday, did a time tiral , did a qualifying run, joined race.

Started race in 5th, all was fine, I was keeping with the leaders single file, back straight on 5th lap some guy decides to clip my left rear, next thing I'm flying through the air upside down. Pitted for repairs. About 17 min to repair. Tried to get back in and run some laps but the car would not get over 150 mph, so I forfieted to keep from being a hazzard to others. Lost about 50 on irating. Too bad really because I want to make that number go higher.

I think everone should have to qualify for these races. I would much rather start the race behind cars that are faster than me. It would make it safer on the track. Oh well, better next time...maybe lol.
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