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Actually, the standard does exist in that the PCI-e signals can be routed thru a flexible cable rather than requiring a physical connector soldered directly on the motherboard, but this applies only up to PCI-e 2.0 for the time being and is used in render farms for companies that produce 3D content for movies and TV shows or commercials..

To be honest, with the way power consumption keeps going up as video cards get much faster and feature packed as time goes on, especially for the high end models and assuming multi-GPU configurations, i wouldn't be too surprised if a new market pops up entirely with seperate enclosures with their own power supply where the video cards are housed in all by themselves, while connected to the main PC thru the above mentioned flexible cable, only this time for PCI-e 3.0.....

I mean i'm using 3 GTX 580's together, and i wouldn't be a bit surprised that when really loaded hard, they're probably not far off pulling 1000 watts of power combined on their own, so that can be a lot of heat getting released inside the PC case itself, and most want a silent PC when using it, so developing an external enclosure like the idea above and even integrating it into the house's A/C circuit(i kid you not), is extreme for sure, but you'll get powerfull performance and silence along with the overall system not releasing huge amounts of heat into the room, as it's evacuated by the A/C outside thru the condenser....
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