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Default Re: Firefox 6.0 Final released

Mozilla firefox - simply called 'Firefox' for short - is basically a free Internet browser, the same in many ways as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera or Safari for example.

Following rapidly on the heels of Firefox 5.0, Firefox 6.0 is the most recent "major" release of Firefox, arriving in August 2011. However strictly speaking it is not a major release in terms of new features or any noticeable changes.

The most significant changes in Firefox 6.0 include:

The Site Identity Block next to the URL has been streamlined.

Startup time has been reduced when using Panorama.

A new per-site Permissions Manager interface accessible by typing about:Permissions in the address bar.

Added support for the latest WebSockets, EventSource/server-sent events, window.matchMedia, and Scratchpad.

The Web Developer menu under the Firefox button now has all development-related items.

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