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well I beat it last night. overall I enjoyed it. the story was pretty good (nothing amazing IMO but entertaining)

Graphics in some aspects are a buzzkill though. Skybox (especially the one in Detroit) looks like it came from the original Deus Ex Lip sync is hilariously bad and I don't know if it's just me or what but the way characters shake around the whole time they're talking annoyed the HELL out of me. It's like everyone has parkinsons. Sariff was the only character really and maybe one or two more than didn't show this. Drove me CRAZY!!!

Anyways, like most reviewers are saying, the boss fights are pretty lame and don't really fit the gameplay very well. Last "boss" was a joke too.

the different augs are pretty slick though. Cloaking and hacking augs were most heavily used. Piled most praxis points into the cloaking/energy/hacking augs.

Anyways, the ending (without dropping any spoilers) kinda pissed me off because it seems that you essentially can decide how it ends regardless of any choices made in the game. I didn't feel a strong connection with any of the endings to be honest :/

Other complaints are that I wish there were more variety in the scenery. Endless office buildings. I felt like all I was doing was hacking into offices/computers the whole time to get info and stuff and either killing or sneaking around bad guys and crawling through vents in the process. Just not enough variety to the level designs IMO. With that said, I do feel like they were really really well designed offices, slums, apartments and what not. All the random debris and items were really well placed and it seems like a lot of thought and attention was put into the small stuff like that whether it's just random junk in an office conference room or a supply storage area in a basement or something like that. All of that was really well done and impressed me.

All that said, I don't know if I'll play through it again. It was entertaining but I just don't see the replay value in it to be honest. It was a slow drab story and though while good and pretty well written, just never really excited me to the point where I just HAD to find out what happened next.

Vs some of the other games out now though, I think I walk away from this one impressed. It held me all the way through to the end which not a lot of other games manage to do.
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