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yeah I do like how you're rewarded with little nuggets of the story and sort of the inner workings of whatever place you happen to be at when hacking into computers. seems like every single computer had something on it whether it's an access code or just banter between office employees discussing aspects of the story.

I'm sure I missed a side quest or two though.

Hardest part IMO was the 2nd boss. I didn't put a whole lot of priority into my firepower. I had a couple weapon upgrades and a few EMP's/prox mines but by and large, I built my guy to be effecient at hacking, cloaking and energy efficient. If I got detected, I'd have to cloak and haul ass to cover and either wait it out hoping they didn't see me while my energy regenerates or if I found a vent, slip in and go around to a different vantage point.

In a lot of the situations where there were big fire fights that I was clearly outgunned (I think there was one in particular where there are a bunch of guys and big robot in the center of the room) where I would do my best to pick off the guys with the silenced sniper rifle when no one was looking at me, duck and cover and repeat.

Silenced sniper rifle was by far the most frequently used weapon besides the tranq gun.
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