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Default Re: Dead Island still alive!

the patch wasnt the final fix. They posted that the final version of the game should be released later today haha
some guy on steam forums thoughts:
So, someone at Techland accidentally (Or intentionally) released a build of the game on Steam, that seems to be the wrong one.

Now, some have called it a dev build, or an xbox 360 dev build.

Well... That is partly true.

The version that was released on Steam, was the build sent to Microsoft to get approved for the Xbox 360.

As some people have already had a suspicion about from some of the game files, saying "Xbox Live Submission Project Version".

Which is exactly what it is.

Now, most people would realize that a build made for the Xbox 360 wouldn't not run on a PC.

And it won't. It's not possible. However, (and this is where I kill the dream of the PC version being developed seperately), all platforms run partially the same code.

They're not developed 'seperately' as Techland has claimed. What they mean is, that it's not a direct console port. A console port is when a game has been made strictly for a console, then later rewritten to run on a PC.

This is not the case with Dead Island (And all other non-ports).

It's not seperate projects for each platform. It's all the same code, with some alterations.

When developing a game, programmers write code (In this case C++). This is "converted" (compiled) into machine code, which is then executed by the CPU.

Now, some things like graphics rendering has to be done differently on each platform. This doesn't require a "seperate game". A programmer can designate to the compiler (Actually, the pre-compiler), what should be compiled in specific instances for Xbox, PC, etc.

At some time during development, they've been required to send a submission of the game to Microsoft, for approval for the Xbox 360.

For this, they've copied all the code, and made a seperate project, to make it easy.

This still works like above. When compiling (on PC, making an the .exe), they tell the compiler to built against the Xbox 360, and by so, the compiler will compile all the code that's been "designated" to be compiled for the Xbox 360.

It's then sent to Microsoft for validation.

Now, for the PC release, someone at Techland, has accidentally (or intentionally) opened up the xbox 360 submission project, informed the compiler to build all the code that's made for the PC, and then released that on Steam.

Which is why the Xbox 360 Submission project works on the PC... Because it was built for the PC.

Now... The patch...

What did it do? Did it fix all the issues? Did it remove all the developer keys?

No... The apostrophe key is still enabled, and every other glitch and bug is still present.

Here's what the patch is all about: The patch was not meant to fix a damn thing.

The patch was meant to get rid of all the debug information, and other stuff that could potentionally aid crackers or cheat creators, etc.

It's the same build, and the removed noclip and 3rd person toggle keys, are just a cover-up, to make it look like a patch meant to fix issues.

What's happening now, is that Techland is working on finding (lol?) and rebuilding the real project against the PC, and not the submission project for the Xbox 360.

Hope that cleared things up.
Btw, this is where the compiler outputted the build:

C:\AUTOBUILD_PERFORCE\di\releases\di_submission_xb ox\bin\obj\x86\vs2008\ReleaseWithDebugInfo

It's surprising that they were able to oversee that they where building their di_submission_xbox project
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